Adding Dormers

dormersDormers can be added to any roof during construction or at a later date. Tom ‘n’ Team can create dormers in your roof to give you additional headrooms and space for windows. There are many different types of dormers depending on the size and shape of the roof as well as your budget. We are capable of creating any type of dormer from link dormers to a flat roof dormer, no job is too big or small for us at Tom ‘n’ Team.

Dormers usually protrude from the roof slope and can usually be found at the rear of a property. We will plan all of this with you! Dormers usually require little or no structural alteration to the roof or building, meaning that they are significantly cheaper than other extension options. Tom ‘n’ Team’s dormers are a great way to add significant value to your home.

Window Dormer

This is the most popular type of dormer. A window dormer will add a small amount of space whilst adding lots of light, this is a great option if you already have or are planning a loft conversion. We can also source a number of window options including Velux windows.

We can also install ‘blind’ or ‘false’ dormers which can only be seen from the outside of your house and is roofed on the inside. This will make your house look more impressive from the outside.

Dormer Extension

We can also add dormer extension. These are a great way to add extra space in a loft without the need for planning permission. We can help you plan your dormer extension and it can include a bedroom and even an en suite, depending on the size of your roof space.

Not sure if a dormer is the right solution for you? Book a quote and one of our trained experts will come and advise you on your decision.