Dry Verge Systems

dry_vergeDry Verge systems are a great way to transform the old, tired looking edges on your roof. Tom ‘n’ Team can supply and fit a high quality, cost effective system that in some cases can make your roof look new! A Dry Verge system is exceptionally secure, and it can withstand high winds, so if your roof has been damaged by winds before a Dry Verge system could be right for you.

Dry Verge systems are made out of uPVC and are very strong and durable. They will add a nice finishing touch to any roof and once fitted should need little maintenance other than cleaning once every few years.

Refresh Your Roof

Dry Verge systems have been popular in recent times as they’re a cheaper way of updating your roof. A Dry Verge system will add a new looking trim around the outside of your roof. There are many systems available to suit all types of roofs, it’s just a case of choosing one! We will come to you and look at your roof and help you choose the best option for your dry verge system. We will match your current roof tiles.

Easy Installation

Dry Verge systems are quick and easy to put together. All dry verge system use a mechanical fixing method, and is mortar free hence the name ‘Dry’ Verge. A Tom ‘n’ Team representative will come out to you and fit your Dry Verge system in a matter of hours, meaning low labour costs for you!