Flat / Low pitch solutions

low_pitchDo you have a nice low pitch roof at the rear of your property, or maybe a nice velux window? Does it leak time and time again with no solution seem to work? We can repair those problems for you. Get a professional roofer in to do the job properly. Contact us today to get your low pitch roofing issues resolved.

A Water-tight Roof On Your New Extension

We can also advise and build a flat or low pitch roof on parts of your house – maybe you’re getting a new extension? We can work with builders to get the job done to a high standard – saving you time and money in the long run. Getting a professional roofer to fit the roof on your new extension will save you money in the long term. We have been called out to a number of homes in recent years to fix leaking roofs fitted by builders. Having a leaky roof can cause water damage in your brand new extension. Save time and money and Tom ‘n’ Team Roofing to do the job properly.

Veulux Windows In Cheshire

Veulux windows are the perfect way to bring in more light to a room or loft conversion. Tom ‘n’ Team roofing cause source and fit Veulux windows. Having us fit your veulux over any other tradesman means that you can be sure that they’re water tight.

Flat Roofs On Commercial Properties

Tom ‘n’ Team roofing can also fit flat roofs on commercial properties. Flat roofs are common on many high streets throughout Cheshire, and we are experts in repair and maintenance. We can also clean your roof too!

A Range of Flat Roofing Solutions

We can work with a range of materials and will advise you on the best flat roofing solution for your property. Here are some of the solutions we specialise in:

  • Felt Roofing: the most common and cost effective flat roofing solution.
  • Fibreglass Roofing: a lightweight and highly durable option.
  • Rubber (EPDM) Roofing: an easy to repair option with low annual maintenance costs.


If your property has or is in need of a flat or low pitch roof then contact us today for a free consultation.