Full Re-Roofs

Are you in need of a whole new roof? Look no further than Tom ‘n’ Team Building Contractors! We have been roofing in the North West for the last 20 years and are more than capable of fitting your new roof. Our team of specialist roofers can advise you on the best decision for re-roofing on your property. Better still all work carried out by us is guaranteed for 10 years! 


Why Re-Roof?

Most roofs tend to last around 60 years; the time does come where older properties will need a new roof. We will come and inspect your roof and salvage any perfectly sound slates or tiles. For he rest of the roof you can choose from a range of high quality materials sourced from industry leading manufacturers – we only use the best!

If your roof is damaged it may be that the tiles have slipped or the nails have eroded, tiles can become loose and may fall off. Leaving your roof like this will mean that water can get causing damp and even structural damage. Re-roofing is the best solution if your roof is currently badly damaged. Tom ‘n’ Team roofing will ensure that your new roof not only looks new but is water tight and stable.

Slate Roofs in Cheshire

Slate has been used in the roofing industry for thousands of years and Tom ‘n’ Team are specialists in dealing with slate. Slate is a durable roofing material that can withstand all weather conditions, it can also last up to 100 years with correct maintenance. A slate roof is also aesthetically pleasing; it’s also non-fading even in UV light so you can be sure that your roof will always look it’s best. We can source some of the finest Welsh, Spanish and Brazilian slate at a reasonable price.

What about a Tiled Roof?

Tom ‘n’ Team roofing can fit an array of clay and concrete tiles. Concrete tiles were first used by the Greeks in the 3rd Millennium BC and to this day are still as effective in keeping the weather out of your home. There are many styles of tiles you can choose from, Tom ‘n’ Team roofing are able to consult you about which tiles will fit your roof best.

Contact us today for your free no obligation quote. We will arrange a viewing and inspect your roof, from then we will use the measurements to calculate your cost. Everything will be taken care of by us from scaffolding to rubbish removal.

Recent building regulations state that any re-roof and replacement of more than 25% should also include an upgrade in insulation. This can also be included in your reasonable quote.