Roof Surveys

Are you buying or selling a house? Because take it from us that the so called surveyors can not tell you anything about your roof that you can not see for yourself stood from the ground! Getting a professional in can reduce unnecessary costs in the long run.

We can carry out a full roof survey from £50, if you then get us to do the work we will knock some money off the original quote!

roof survey manchesterIt’s important that your roof is surveyed properly. Tom ‘n’ Team will send a professional roof surveyor to come and  inspect all elements of your roof – internal and external! Due to our wealth of experience we can spot things regular surveyors might miss.

Going Beyond The Property Surveyor

When a property surveyor surveys your house they will only look at your roof from the ground outside. Whilst they may be able to spot major issues they cannot spot issues that Tom ‘n’ Team roofing can by being close up. Our Tom ‘n’ Team roofing surveyors will get on to your roof and inspect it close up, checking things like the tiles and guttering. We will also look inside your attic and check for water or structural damage from beneath.

When buying or selling a house a roof inspection can really make a difference. If we spot issues that need repairing then we can resolve the issue quickly. Failure to spot these issues can lead to damp, wood rot and even structural damage.

What’s Covered In The Survey?

Your Tom ‘n’ Team roofing surveyor will look at all items listen in a Homebuyers Survey in relation to the roof. This includes:

  • Tile/Slate Covering
  • Chimneys
  • Fascia Boards
  • Gutters
  • Roof Windows

All surveys are very detailed and we will provide you with full pictures. We aim for a very quick turnaround of around 3 days on all reports.

Book your roof survey today and put your mind at ease!