Scaffold Hire

Due to the nature of our work we have access to our own scaffolding. We can provide you with scaffolding solutions to help you complete your job safely and effectively.

kwickstage_scaffoldingGet The Job Done!

We know how difficult construction can be if you don’t have the right tool, but we also now it may not always be beneficial financially to buy all the tools you need. You can rent our scaffolding system which has been safety checked, ensuring that you and your workforce are always safe when you’re working at height. So weather you’re re-painting the house or working on a building project we can provide you with a reliable and safe solution.

Kwikstage Scaffolding

Tom ‘n’ Team roofing has a Kwikstage Scaffolding system. Kwikstage Scaffolding was developed by Kwikform over 35 years ago. This scaffolding system is one of the most used systems in the world. Kwikstage scaffolding has the ability to be erected very quickly and can be used for anything from house-building to ship-building. Our Kwikstage Scaffolding can either be 5m In Height or 6m Wide Towers. The whole system can be joined together to build any size scaffolding.

For a first time user it should take around 30 to 60 minutes to erect one tower. There is no need for any special tools, it really is that simple! The parts are made out of lightweight, durable aluminium, they are easy to transport and manoeuvre round the back of houses through those tight spots!

Scaffolding Hire Price

Our prices are very competitive starting at only £75 per week, much cheaper than many of the trade centres in Cheshire. Delivery and construction is also available at an extra cost.

All our scaffolding comes with a user guide and easy to follow instruction for erection.