Timber Structures

Tom ‘n’ Team can repair or source and erect all your timber structures. Timber structures have been common practice in construction for the last 40 years. If you’re unsure if your timber structure is in need of repair then call Tom ‘n’ Team today.

Full Timber Roof

timber_structureBuilding a new roof? Having a full timber roof is more cost effective. They’re much easier to lift than traditional building materials and therefore cutting down the need for costly lifting equipment. A timber frame is much more versatile as it can span greater distances. We work with the best manufacturers in the North West who produce the highest quality timber structures. Tiomber frames achieve all this whilst being just as sturdy and reliable as other roofing methods. If you’re looking to add more space with a loft conversion or having a new extension Tom ‘n’ Team can advise you on the best shape and pitch of your new roof. A fully trained representative will come out and look at your plans and help you design your new roof. We will then deliver and fit the roof, ensuring everything is in it’s right place.


Looking to add some more space in your loft conversion? Or do you want to make your house look more grand? Dormers are a good way to do both. Tom ‘n’ Team can design and fit your new dormers. There are many different types of dormers from gable fronted to a flat roof dormer, all of which are good options to bring more light into a loft conversion. Tom ‘n’ Team can also fit blind or fake dormers which are used for aesthetic purposes.

General Timber Repair

If your structures are suffering from wood rot or just need strengthening Tom ‘n’ Team are more than capable of doing this. We will come out to inspect your timber structure and only quote you for the work that really needs doing.